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If the acceptance criteria is not clear it leads to confusion and the work is not done in a proper way and on the other hand if criteria are too rigid there will be no room for innovative solutions from the scrum team.The main aim of product owner is to find the right balance from both the ends.

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May 20, 2020 · Who should be a Product owner (PO) in a value Maximization scrum team? A)Only Performance Improvement - Brainly.in. Who should be a Product owner (PO) in a value Maximization scrum team? A)Only Performance Improvement (PI) Champion because he/she has a good understanding of six sigma and Value Stream Mapping. B)Anyone who has a clear vision for the selected Value Log opportunities and who can validate whether the implementation achieved the expected benefits. Answer (1 of 6): what do you mean by Agile team? Adaptive Methods are called Agile. There are many Agile frameworks. SCRUM is one such framework. There could be more frameworks which are Agile like Kanban, XP, FDD etc.. So if you speak about Scrum team , this question is valid - Scrum team sho...

If the Scrum Team does not understand what should be done next, it means the PB needs to be refined. The Product Owner should put his product vision as backlog items, maybe with help of the Development Team. A product backlog item should contain everything necessary to be understood by any member of the Scrum Team.A. The Team Leader (Scrum Master) should allocate specific tasks to individuals B. Tasks should be randomly allocated to team members, using Planning Poker C. Team members should self-select tasks appropriate to their skills D. The most complex tasks should be allocated by the Team Leader (Scrum Master) 13.

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As a Product Owner, you have to find a balance in both delivering internal value and external value. 8. Involve the Scrum Team and stakeholders in value estimation One of the lessons we've learned as well, is that value isn't something you should estimate on your own as a Product Owner.
Which two statements describe the responsibilities of the Product Owner? (Choose two.) 1. To coach the team 2. To ensure the team follows Agile principles and practices 3. To own and manage the Team Backlog 4. To be a single voice for the Customer and stakeholders 5. To protect the team from external forces

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Agile E1 CBO 60566 1	Which of the following statements are useful visual radiators? 2	Which of the following is not a benefit of visualization of work 3	What is the most effective way to identify improvement opportunities for Value log? 4	Which of the following is not true about Value Maximization Scrum? 5	Survey Q Non-scoring: what benefits are you ...